Titanic is sailing back into theaters in 3D and IMAX 3D format worldwide on April 6, 2012. The film's official Facebook page has over 14 million "Likes" and the original release ranks number two in worldwide box office at over 1.8 billion, topped only by James Cameron's Avatar at over 2.7 billion, so we can expect all things Titanic to gain renewed interest. IMDB has this great page of facts and trivia. Here is James Cameron discussing the re-release:

 If you were thinking of booking a cabin on the 12-night Titanic Memorial Cruise, departing April 8th from Southampton, you have as good as missed the boat. As Daily Mail reports in this article, the cruise ship Balmoral is sold out. 

However, although five cabin grades aboard the Azamara Journey have already sold out for the 8-night 100th Anniversary Cruise, departing New York on April 10th, it still has staterooms and suites ranging from $4,900 $14,850 available at the time of this writing. Itineraries for the Balmoral and Azamara Journey include memorial services on the day of and at the site of Titanic’s sinking. Here is a short video clip from The Travel Channel providing a brief glimpse of just a couple of events the passengers aboard the Balmoral will enjoy.
As detailed on this web page from the website of auctioneers Guernsey’s New York, there will be an unprecedented auction on April 11, 2012 of artifacts recovered from the wreck site of the Titanic and related intellectual property and intangibles, precisely one hundred years to the day of Titanic's maiden voyage. Guernsey's will be offering all of the assets and rights of RMS Titanic, Inc., a division of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRXI), which for 18 years has served as steward and salvor-in-possession of Titanic and its wreck site. 
The 5,000 plus artifacts retrieved from the Titanic wreck site through seven research and recovery expeditions from 1987 through 2010 and an extensive and unprecedented array of still and video imagery of the ship wreck site will be sold as one single collection. These assets include, among other things, video of the dives, 3-D images of the ship, and the first and only comprehensive survey map of the wreck site. The purchaser may also have the opportunity to assume the role of steward of the Titanic, to protect and preserve the wreck site for future generations. 

The sale is subject to certain covenants and conditions to ensure the collection will be properly maintained and available for public display. A 2007 appraisal, which included the artifacts and certain elements of RMS Titanic, Inc's intellectual property, also a part of this auction, were valued at $189 million. It is already being viewed as one of the most significant bodies of material ever to be offered at auction.

The architecturally stunning Titanic Belfast, which cost £97 million, is an iconic six-floor building featuring nine interpretive and interactive galleries that explore the stories of Titanic and the city and people which made her. Additional space will be devoted to a large gallery for temporary exhibitions, performances and meetings, cafes, restaurants and shops, community arts and education facilities and a 1,000-seat capacity banquet and/or conference centre. Here are the impressive statistics about the world’s largest Titanic exhibition. 

According to Tourism Ireland’s website, Titanic Belfast will be bathed in a light show on April 7th 2012. Four days later, MTV will be in town, in the very slipway from where Titanic was launched, to rock the dock with some stellar tunes. A glamorous gala will be held at the Waterfront Hall where the Titanic story will be narrated by Northern Ireland’s acting icons.

National Geographic’s Traveler magazine listed Belfast in the top 20 places to visit in 2012. Fodor’s dedicates eight pages of its Ireland 2012 guidebook to Titanic, describing it as the “world’s biggest tourism story in 2012”. Additionally, Belfast made the Go List in Fodor's Guide to the 21 Best Places to Go in 2012

Below you can view an animation of a walk-through of the museum’s impressive interior. The second piece is a Titanic Belfast promotional video where former Harland and Wolff employees, the co-founder of the Belfast Titanic Society, the great granddaughter of a Titanic crewmember, Titanic Belfast's civil engineer and the concept architect offer insightful comments about the Titanic from their perspectives.   
Titanic is sailing back into theaters in 3D and IMAX 3D format worldwide on April 6, 2012. The film's official Facebook page has over 14 million "Likes" and the original release ranks number two in worldwide box office at  over 1.8 billion, topped only by James Cameron's Avatar at over 2.7 billion, so we can expect all things Titanic to gain renewed interest. IMDB has this great page of facts and trivia. Here is James Cameron discussing the re-release:
Titanic, the internationally produced four-hour miniseries written by Oscar and Golden Globe winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, Downton Abbey), will debut simultaneously on ABC in the US and Canada’s Global, followed closely by premieres in the other territories, which include Australia (Channel Seven), Ireland (TV3), New Zealand (TVNZ) Portugal (SIC), Sweden (SVT) and UK (ITV1). According to IMDB, the series is slated to air beginning April 12.  

Here is a trailer for the series: